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Your Data

We only use your data when you choose to provide it to us when attending an event. We will remind you of this in the event registration. We only ask for data that is essential to the smooth running of the event and once the event has finished we then delete all of your data other than any basic information required to report the results of the event. Your name can be removed from event results if you so wish.

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Total Knockout 2018

As part of #UlverstonMind 30th Year Celebrations we're running a special event at Ford Park, Ulverston on Sunday the 26th of August called "Total Knockout!"

With our charity's supporters #Playdale we'll be pitting teams of five people up against each other on the multiple obstacles spread throughout our inflatable obstacle course to see who truly are Total Knockout Champions 2018. It's the perfect opportunity to get a team together and see if you've got what it takes to not only beat the rest but beat the best the town has to offer.

You'll be helping us celebrate our 30th Year in style and raise money to support vital services to help us continue our work across South Cumbria so you're not only trying to win the bragging rights but you're also raising money for a good cause in your own community.

Joining in the fun as a spectator

Why not make a morning, afternoon or full day of it with a family picnic? If you're supporting one of our teams we will post a full itinerary in the week prior to the event listing which teams are competing at what times. This is so teams do not have to wait around all day to compete for a couple of hours.

Getting involved as a competitor

We'll need you to register your team below. We're giving you a few more days to get those final teams in as we're closing registration just before midnight on Tuesday the 21st of August, then we'll work out which teams play each other. We will then email all participants any final details you may need for the event and a full itinerary of which teams compete at which times, so teams do not have to wait around all day to compete for a few hours.

How to register for Total Knockout

Please note that this event is now full. You can still register but you will be placed on a waiting list. If a team drops out of the event you will be contacted to see if you're all still available to participate.

  • Create your teams fundraising page

    Create an online sponsorship page your family and friends can use to donate to your team.

    How to set up your BT MyDonate page.
    Visit our charity page on BT MyDonate

    How to create your BT MyDonate fundraising page

    • Click on the BT MyDonate button
    • Click on Start Fundraising
    • You will be asked to log in. Log in using your existing account details or click on the Register a personal account link in the bottom left and create a new account.
    • Once you have logged in, you can now create a page for your team. Once created we will need the address of the page you are creating so that we can check that you have raised the £100 minimum sponsorship. You can then share this link on social media or via email so that your friends and family can visit to sponsor you for taking part in our event.
    • The site will tell you which fields are mandatory, take note of these fields:
      • Choose your page's website address - allows you to specify part of your pages website address
      • Are any donations to this fundraising activity being made in payment for goods or services - for example payment for admission to a concert, payment for a raffle ticket, an entrance fee for an adventure challenge event etc? Answer No to this
      • Is your charity helping with the costs of your fundraising e.g. by providing money, accommodation, flights, transport or meals Answer No to this
    • When you click Create my page your page will be created and displayed to you. Look for The URL for your event page is and make a note of that URL. You will need to give us this information when registering for Total Knockout. This URL is the web address people will visit when they want to sponsor you online.
  • Start fundraising!

    Teams need to raise £100 minimum sponsorship to take part - at only £20 per team member, this helps cover the event costs. Then, raise as much in additional sponsorship as you can getting friends, family, colleagues to support your team. As it's our 30th Year aim to raise at least £30 each in additional sponsorship which will provide much needed funds to continue our services. Unfortunately due to costs and demand, any team unable to raise the minimum threshold of £100 will not be able to take part. Monies donated will belong to the charity.
  • Register your team for the event

    When you are ready register your team. Providing you're all ready we will then approve your team with 24-48 hours and you're ready to compete!
    Register your team for Total Knockout
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  • event full checklist 3

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Check Your Teams Status

Want an update on your team's entry status?

Enter your email address and click the mouse icon for your teams current status.

How Full Is Total Knockout?

You have successfully registered a team for Total Knockout!

Ulverston Mind administrators are aware of your team's application and will process it within the next 24-48 hours. Providing everything is in order your team's entry will be approved, you will then show up on the Total Knockout page as being in the event. If there are any issues at any stage of preparations for the event we will of course be sure to let you know. If your team needs to make any changes to the team, you as team captain should let us know via email from your email address so we can verify it's a request from the team captain.

Your entire team will be kept informed at all stages of the registration process so keep an eye on your email inbox for emails from us. The first email will tell you that we have received your team's entry. Be sure to check your spam or bin folder in case the email doesn't reach your inbox.

The data you have given us to register a team for the event will be stored until the event has completed. Then we will delete all of the email addresses but retain names purely to report the results of the event. We can delete all of the data for the team or a team member after the event (including event results) if you so wish.

Thankyou for supporting Ulverston Mind and your local community!

The Ulverston Mind team

Our Total Knockout teams who are ready to do battle!
Total Knockout logo
Grace Abe
Amber Adamson
Adam Boyce
Ally Cawley
Luke Postlethwaite
Total Knockout logo
Not fast but furious
Will Anderson
Chantelle Blakeborough
Rema Gifford
Christina Gifford
Abi Rigg
Total Knockout logo
Birds of War
James Harrison
Mark Hornby
Marshall King
Patrick Philpott
Kat Philpott
Total Knockout logo
Team Swing
Macaulay Bowman
Tez Nueto
Dane Shields
Emma Simpson
Hannah Spooner
Total Knockout logo
Get your Knockout
Gabe Fell
Claire Fell
Robert Harvey
jacob mcparland
Jess Richardson
Total Knockout logo
Here for beer
Sam Benson
Olivia Davidson
Joshua Fraser
Clara Smalley
Lottie Wiper
Total Knockout logo
Blood Science
Shez Abdullah
Tarun Babbar
Louise Downing
Danny Gaskin
Ola Yahaya
Total Knockout logo
Dream Team
Autumn Bolton
Autumn Bolton
Shannon Johnston
Chloe Nevinson
Kassi-Anne Ryan
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Croftlands Park
Warren Bolton
William Davidson
Harry Gallivan
Charlie Segger
Tom Woodend
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