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Article posted by Ulverston Mind, 10th July 2018, 12:31pm, views: 352
Celebrating 30 Years: A huge thank you for your support at our recent cake sale
Some of our fantastic cakes...they went quickly!

What a fantastic time we had on the 10th of May, hosting our stall on Ulverston market. #Playdale, Haverthwaite are heavily involved in supporting #UlverstonMind with our fundraising this year and we would like to give Dave Wilson a big 'thank you' for sending Mick and his team to help us set up our stall in the morning - they were so pleasant & a great help.

A big thanks to the local businesses who generously donated, including #Booths, #Tesco Express Ulverston, the Plant Stall & #Floral & Hardy. We are celebrating 30 years of Ulverston Mind and we also launched our community banner. Thanks also to #Finger Prints, Barrow who printed the banner for us - they did a great job. Without all our staff & volunteers who put a lot of time and effort in, we wouldn't have been able to run the stall so a big thank you goes out to all of them.

Thanks to all of this support from the community and our helpers on the stall and the street collection we raised £122.54 on our cake stall and £285.20 from the street collection, making a grand total of £407.74!! Thank you again for all your efforts. The money raised will go towards helping others out in your local community.

You can find some of the photos taken on the day in the slideshow below, including our banner showing off all the artwork and messages from clients here at #UlverstonMind & also Hindpool Community Group and one of the Connecting Mum's groups that Jacqueline Knight, our Support Worker, runs in Barrow. The Evening Mail also covered the event with a great article you might be also interested in reading.

Celebrating 30 Years : Cake Sale
10th May 2017