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We can make your name anonymous on the website and we can remove your data if you so wish at any time.


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This year we celebrate 30 years of delivering mental health services in the district. This has been achieved in no small part, due to the commitment of local people who have donated their time and money to support our work.

Services & Projects
These are the services and projects that we're currently running

Ulverston MIND's aim is to make sure the services we provide are relevant to and inclusive of the people and communities we serve. Achieving this means we are open to improving provision and accessibility wherever we can - where additional resources are needed we seek to recruit and train volunteers and fundraise to enable this.

Some of our services are scheduled on certain days and at certain times whilst others are available all the time. Services that require more privacy are held in our offices or other locations such as a private room at a health center whilst the more social sessions are held at various community venues in Barrow* (Connecting Mums* only), Dalton, Coniston and Ulverston with new groups opening where need and resources allow.

Our informal drop-ins and group work are peer supportive in nature with recovery to better or improved mental health at their core. They are led by a skilled and dedicated team of volunteers, all of whom are DBS checked and have completed Ulverston Mind's initial volunteer learning module and benefit from ongoing learning and development. An essential feature of our work and ethos is that everyone is treated with respect and equality is observed and promoted throughout our organisation. People who support or attend our services and peer group sessions are all responsible for making them safe spaces for each other. Peer group support, i.e learning from each other in an encouraging and positive environment, can be powerful and enabling in recovery to better mental health and wellbeing.

Supporting our work
How you can help us to help others in the community
  • We're always looking for long term corporate partnerships
    We’re always looking for longer term partners who can support us in the work we do. In return we can come to your workplace and promote good mental health practices with your employees.
  • If you're taking part or hosting an event maybe you could support us by raising a few pounds for our cause
    Whether you’re taking part in a sporting event, having a cake sale or a clear out with a car boot sale, there are a range of fun or challenging ways that you can raise funds for our cause.
  • If you can find a few pounds and would like to donate them to us here are the details of how you can do that
    If you’d like to donate a spare £5 to our cause there are a range of ways that you can donate to our cause using your mobile, the internet or your bank.
  • ...or donate your knowledge, skill or expertise at a day and time that works for you with Time Banking
    Timebanking is a great way to support us particular if you have the free time to spare


    We can always use an extra pair of hands. We have a list of DIY jobs or if you have other skills we have plenty of other volunteering opportunities whether you can offer a couple of hours or something more regular.